Below is a summary of the trip and shows mileage and checkpoints.  It includes links to download the route files to your GPS, and also a link to the route on Google Maps.  Great for having a look before we go, but also to use if you find yourself lost when riding!

GARMIN MAP USERS – All the routes have been planned using OpenFietsMaps - these are available to download free here:

- download the ZIP files and copy the gmapsupp.IMG file to your device for up to date compatible maps. You will need UK and France.
SMART PHONES – Make sure you have Google Maps app and the links below can be used whilst on the trip


DAY 1 - London to Newhaven
0 miles - Tesco Extra, Purley Road, Purley CR8 2HA
15.8 miles - Haskins Garden Centre, Snowhill Ln, Copthorne, Felbridge, Crawley RH10 3EY
30 miles - Forget Me Not Tea Rooms, Lewes Road, North Chailey BN8 4ES
45 miles - DFDS Newhaven Ferry, Newhaven BN9 0DF

* Dieppe - Appartements entre Terre et Mer, 16 rue Haut Pas, 76200 Dieppe

Google Map -
GPX File (Edge Touring/500/700 +other) -

FIT File (Edge 25) -


DAY 2 - Dieppe to Beauvais

0 miles - Appartements entre Terre et Mer
22.4 miles - McDonalds/Leclerc, Rue de la Grande Flandre, 76270 Neufchâtel-en-Bray
51 miles - McDonalds/Super U, RN 31, 76220 Ferrières-en-Bray
71.5 miles - Hotel Baladins, 26 Avenue Descartes, 60000 Beauvais

Google Map -


GPX File (Edge Touring/500/700 +other) -
FIT File (Edge 25) -


DAY 3 - Beauvais to Paris
0 miles - Hotel Baladins Beauvais
15.6 miles - Auchan Supermarket (McDonalds, Boulangerie, Subway), Rue Marcel Coquet, 60110 Meru
33.4 miles - Shopping Mall (Food Court, McDonalds), Rue Theroigne de Mericourt, 95150, Taverny
48.2 miles - Tour Eiffel, Champ de Mars, 5 Avenue Anatole France, 75007 Paris

*52 miles - Hotel Altona, 166 Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, 75010 Paris

Google Map -
GPX File (Edge Touring/500/700 +other) -

FIT File (Edge 25)-

GPX File for the Hotel -

FIT File for the Hotel -

TOTAL RIDE - 168.5 miles